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Love At The Arch
Friday, December 29, 2006

For close to 10 years I took photographs of women in the "best" room of the downtown Marble Arch. The place was never noted for Champagne breakfasts, valet parking and other four star hotel ammenities. But the fact was that I could get a room there whenever I wanted to from my friend Tony Ricci. And I also knew that when I was at the Marble Arch nobody could find me unless I told Tony I wanted to be found. In the first few days of January 1991 I showed up with Claire Love to take some photos. Guy gave me the key to the room and we went up. I shot my pictures untethered to any flash. I rarely did this or do this since taking pictures with a small camera with no lights seems to be so easy. Here are a few of Claire who was on her way to get married in Paris.

I never saw her again.


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